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Feminine Law: Freud, Free Speech, and the Voice of Desire
by  Jill Gentile  (with Michael Macrone)
Table of Contents




Psychoanalysis and its Rivals  •  Democracy and its Rivals  •  Psychoanalysis and Democracy: Basic Principles  •  Speech and Space

Chapter 1 The Space Between

Chapter 2 The Fundamental Rule: Freedom in Psychoanalysis

Antecedents to the Talking Cure  •  The Fundamental Rule  •  Free Association as Transference Address  •  Mutual (Free) Association  •  Free Association, Transference, and the Subject’s Democratizing Agency

Chapter 3 The Paradox of Freedom and the First Amendment

Speech and the Ethic of Surrender  •  Paradoxes of Freedom  •  Fuck the Draft

Chapter 4 What Is Special About Speech?

Experimentation and Enlightened Speech  •  Moral and Instrumental Rationales for Free Speech  •  Why is Speech Special? The Matter of Truth  •  Psychoanalysis and Democracy: The Ethic of Symbolic Life

Chapter 5 The Polis, Analysis, and Excluded Voices

Origins  •  The Polis and Parrhesia  •  Boundaries, Barriers, and Women’s Place

Chapter 6 Repression

Between Subjection and Self Rule  •  Repression and Reconstruction  •  Subversion and Danger

Chapter 7 Free Speech? For Whom?

Enfranchisement and Opportunity  •  Between Absorbtion and Marginality  •  Facilitating Environments and Voice

Chapter 8 Facilitating Speech

Failed Environments and Psychoanalytic Outreach  •  From Clinic to Constitution: Towards an Active Public Sphere  •  Sharing Responsibility, Sharing Ownership: Bridging Private and Public

Chapter 9 Hate Speech, Survival, Love

Offense, Injury, and Danger  •  Hate Speech, Winnicott, and Survival  •  Asymmetrical Regulation: Speech Content in Context

Chapter 10 Enshrined Ambiguity: Drawing Lines Between Speech and Action

Local Contexts and Boundary Setting  •  Enshrined Ambiguity: “Regulated” Freedom  •  
An Illustration from Clinical Practice  •  Speech and Action: Line Drawing  •  Cultivating Symbolic Speech

Chapter 11 On Having No Thoughts: Freedom in the Context of Feminine Space

It Takes Two  •  The Sounds of Silence  •  Having No Thoughts: The Missing Female Genital

Chapter 12 Metaphors of Space

From Retreat to Relationship  •  Metaphors of Space in Psychoanalytic Theory  •  Towards a Space Between

Chapter 13 Phallic Fantasy and Vaginal Primacy

Engagement, Resistance, and Genital Configuration  •  The Vagina Speaks  •  Between Absence and Presence: The Somethingness of Feminine Space

Chapter 14 Laws of Lack and the Feminine Law

Between a Masculine and a Feminine Law  •  Beyond Obscuration, Boundary Setting  •  A Baggage Claim Dream  •  The Psychosomatic Frontier and our Democratic Project

Chapter 15 Naming Absence: Towards a Third Space

Signs and Names  •  Naming the Gap: the Feminine Metaphor  •  Naming Desire, Naming Truth  •  On Metaphors and Gaps: Naming the Vaginal Void  •  The Unnamed, the Poetic, the Traumatic

Chapter 16 Clinical Interlude: The Body Announces Itself

Chapter 17 Free Speech on the Playground of Desire

Knowing and Not Knowing  •  Attachment, Courage, and Agency  •  Attachment Theory, Semiotic Agency, and the Talking Cure  •  How Dissociation Becomes Free Association  •  Erotics and Attachment: Towards a Third Space

Chapter 18 Coda: Homeland Security and the Secure Home Base

The Transference of Faith and Freedom  •  Detours from Desire’s Enlightenment  •  Having and Having Not  •  Encouraging Courage  •  The Cases for Intervention  •  Further Etymological Excursions on the Journey Home  •  Towards a Feminine Law